Clinical Workhorse


The Clinical Workhorse is a mobile app (for android phone or tablet), designed for health professionals to access different sources of patient information in one place. Users can easily browse wards to find patients by bed number or can search by URN if needed. The user can add information to the [...]

Hospital Link


Hospital Link is an Android and iOS app that links data sources in the hospital environment and makes them available on a simple platform. The linking of patient location data, pathology, radiology, pharmacy dispensing and discharge, and optional items such as theatre lists. This application supports electronic referrals from clinicians to [...]

Pharmacy Request


Pharmacy Request provides a mobile request platform and workflow for the Pharmacy DMS (Document Management System). This system was developed as part of the initial trial of PBS charts in private and public hospitals. Utilising a supported mobile device (Android or iOS), the image of the medication chart (or order) is [...]

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